Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How does Twixt Time determine the precise time?

Twixt Time queries Network Time Protocol servers on the Internet to determine the precise time. It then uses the device time to handle daylight savings or timezone changes.

How accurate are the measurements that Twixt Time provides?

Depending on network conditions, the timestamps received via the Network Time Protocol are typically accurate to within less than one nanosecond of UTC time.

Why can't Twixt Time verify the precise time without an Internet connection?

Although the iOS system time syncs fairly regularly with time servers, the iOS system clock can still drift by several seconds. In order to verify the precise time, Twixt Time requires an Internet connection to communicate with Network Time Protocol servers that relay the true time from incredibly precise clocks.

Twixt Time is warning me that the hands of my clock or watch are not synchronized. What does this mean?

If the hour hand does not line up with one of the hour indices when the minute hand is at 12:00, or if the minute hand is not in line with one of the minute indices when the second hand is at 0 seconds, the hands of the watch or clock are not synchronized. Twixt Time uses logic to determine which side of the hour or minute index the hands correspond to if they are offset. However, if the the timepiece is losing or gaining significantly and/or there is some human error in registering the position of the hands, the results can be unpredictable. Properly synchronized hands help to guarantee the accuracy of results.

Is there a dial layout option for chronographs?

Most chronographs feature a sub-seconds dial to track the continuous passage of time, to use Twixt Time with these chronographs select the subdial seconds layout when starting a new timeline.

For chronographs that track the continuous passage of time using the central seconds hand, select the central seconds layout when starting a new timeline.

Does Twixt Time work with clocks?


Does Twixt Time work with quartz watches?


Do I have to wait 24 hours between snapshots?

No, it is not absolutely necessary to wait a full 24 hours between snapshots. The timeline lock can be disabled in iOS Settings.

It is important to note, however, that snapshots added to a timeline before a full 24 hours have passed will multiply any errors due to camera parallax or hand positioning and mitigate isochronal errors of the watch or clock that is being evaluated.

Why is the app called Twixt Time?

Twixt is shorthand for betwixt. Betwixt is similar in root to the word between and was commonly used in Old English to refer specifically to an interval of time. Twixt Time is a short way of saying "between two instances of time".

Is Twixt Time available for Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone?

Twixt Time is only available for Apple's iOS at this time.

Does Twixt Time run on the iPad?

Yes, Twixt Time will run on iPads that have a rear camera. The app will function exactly as it does on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The camera shutter is frozen and won't open, what should I do?

First, ensure that camera access is enabled for Twixt Time in iOS Settings.

If the problem persists, dismiss the camera in Twixt Time, by tapping on the down arrow, and then relaunch it.

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